Maximum Options is a remarkable service that showcases Ken Trester’s personal database of stocks with several unique, profit-accelerating options trades that give you the opportunity to increase your gains many times over your current rate of return (with a shot at gains of 300% to 500%).

Many of you have told us that there’s a segment of your money that you want to invest more actively, with the opportunity to bring in more income and multiply your profits quickly with less risk. Maximum Options uses a variety of options strategies, ranging from ultra-conservative to more speculative, to help you meet these needs.

By combining Ken Trester’s database and professional options techniques, you can now build fast, triple-digit profits with a program that will actually give you:

  • Low-cost trades with potential profits in the hundreds of percent rather than in the ordinary 10%-20% range you could expect for a typical stock trade.
  • Portfolio insurance: trades that can actually help protect you from losses due to sudden and unexpected market declines. (You probably have life, fire and car insurance—shouldn’t you protect your investments from loss as well?)
  • Little-known strategies that allow you to bring in option income upfront, while also minimizing your risk…win-win!
  • Opportunities to trade like a pro. You will have access to timely alerts that allow you to participate in the very same trades Ken makes with his own money. It’s an exclusive chance to profit alongside a leading expert, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way!

The Core of Ken Trester’s Maximum Options

Ken’s proprietary options program uses multiple regression analysis and other statistical tools to unearth the few stocks that are building momentum and poised to make a quick burst. That’s key for options traders.

Ken’s program spots the following elements in every stock and stock group: 1) power index, 2) relative strength, 3) support, resistance levels, volatility and 4) key indicators telling which stocks are ready to break out.

Once Ken discovers the key, high-momentum stocks, he then searches for the handful of options that meet his two vital criteria: They must be underpriced (which reduces your risk), and they must give you a good probability of profit.

How profitable can this service be? Instead of making 6% on Halliburton stock, how about a 120% profit… instead of 4% in Travelers Companies, wouldn’t you prefer 114%… instead of 3% in UPS, doesn’t 100% sound better?

Ken Trester’s Maximum Options gives you:

  • 3 to 4 new trades on average each week any time Ken spots an opportunity good enough to warrant putting his own money behind.
  • Flash alerts sent when Ken has a new recommendation, is looking to exit a trade, or has any other actions for subscribers to take.
  • Recommendations that allow you to write options for income, to ensure that you keep bringing in a steady stream of cash in all kinds of markets.
  • Weekly updates with Ken’s market analysis for what you can expect, along with a look at currently open trades that may be offering attractive entry points.
  • Full access to the Maximum Options website, which includes a full record of open and closed trades and an archive of updates and alerts.
  • Special reports and other resources for options traders. Whether a novice or a pro (or anywhere in between), there’s something for everyone in our comprehensive library of trader education materials.

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